Achieve your marketing vision by embracing creativity and delivering better customer experiences with me, the redhead with ideas.


Splendid, you're here! *Shakes hand* I'm Chloe, a Creative Marketing Consultant.

A Creative Marketing Consultant is the 'Hotel Inspector' of the marketing industry, questioning everything from the subliminal messaging behind your logo, the emotions she feels when receiving your parcel, to the word choice in your recent tweets. You see, all of that detail feeds into the overall perception of your brand and you want to make sure that's a positive one, right?

So, that's me. With a mission to help you achieve your marketing vision through whatever creative means possible. Our options are endless.

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1. It encourages growth

2. It ensures you stand out 

3. It presents you positively 

4. It keeps things fresh and fun


Be the change maker in your business, and your industry, by taking creative strides along the following paths;

1:1 Consultancy support and guidance for your business. Together, we will see where your business is now and where it can creatively grow.

Creative Consultancy

Content Marketing

Choose to push out content that positions you with a creative strength like no other. From idea to creation I can help support your transformation.

Social Media

Ensure your presence is as great as you are offline by having your social media looked after or creatively analysed.

If your marketing isn't delivering a great customer experience then you're wasting your time. So, let's see what your current marketing is saying and switch things up.

Customer Experiences 

From Christmas to new product launches, Campaigns are my bread and butter! Whether you're just looking for ideas or project manager support message me on my campaign packages.

Campaign Creation


Communicate your story and vision effectively with my help as I delve deeply and bravely into your brand to see what needs tweaking.

Chloe is clearly a very bright and creative individual which shines through in her videos. At gigs she goes the extra mile to make sure the artists are comfortable with her approach and to align on expectations for the recorded set. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Chloe and have found the experience immensley valuable.

Alim T, Sofar Sounds. (Video & Editing)


I found working with Chloe so easy. She is a very talented young lady with a flair for getting the best out of you and showing your authentic self to other people. She also brought positive change by providing great ideas for my new website and how best to word the content to engage people and get them to want to book an appointment with me.

Lisa Jackson, Alternative Touch

(Copywriting & Creative Advice)

For Bumble & Oak, Chloe went above and beyond. She is a collaborative visionary because somehow she unveiled my own vission before me. Without your creative guidance, input, editing, content suggestions and inspirations, the bumble box would not have been launched. Your input was truly invaluable and I really felt guided, listened to and supported.

Riadh Falvo, Bumble and Oak

(Creative Marketing & Brainstorming)

Cuppa tea scheduler ☕