Knit-picking* and bettering brand

identities with new ideas

*The exploration and prevention of brand-snagging and unravelling. 


Over time, a brand and its purpose may become diluted, lost, tangled. Like a ball of string, the threads to our business have a role in weaving together the blueprint of what makes your company uniquely yours. What if, however, you've lost sight of this? Or, perhaps you're experiencing a lack of brand clarity and creativity, a spot of innovation frustration?  Preventing you from the attention you deserve and achieving the vision you wish. 

Well, firstly, my job is to bring to your attention that creativity can’t be an afterthought. Creativity isn’t a disturbance or a risk, a one-off publicity stunt or a quick fix. Creativity is the flamboyant, fancy, feathered hat you choose to wear in  a busy crowd for the purpose of stepping up and standing out. "Watch me go!" you shout. Only then, when you choose to welcome and embrace creativity like a dear friend or wear it proudly, daily, like a hat (or any other piece of clothing of your choosing) can you truly take innovative, change-making and positive steps forward for your business. And, believe me, I know you and I can do just that.

Allow your brand to step into places it may not have ventured to before. Allow it the freedom to try new things and breath into the space new and innovative ideas can offer it. An idea is a door of positive possibility. And, sometimes one idea is all it takes. 



- Stand out ideas
- Creative growth 

- Creative Marketing and  Communications 
- Trend worthy Campaigns

- Innovative content concepts and creation 

- A fresh opinion on your marketing team

- A brainstorm



- A Brand with no sink holes or snags
- Brand Strength & Clarity

- Better Branding 

- Connecting back with your brand and/or sparking a new enthusiasm for it

- A new and/ or improved brand identity


- A one man band creative agency

- Monthly innovative advice and guidance
- Creative Project Management for exclusive project and/or training.

- One off creative consultancy session


Now, for introductions. *Shakes hand* I'm Chloe, the Creative Consultant.

A Creative Consultant is the 'Hotel Inspector' of branding, marketing and communication, questioning everything from the subliminal messaging behind a logo, the emotions she feels when receiving a parcel, to why you decided to start your tweet with that particular choice in word. 


You see, the finer components feed into the overall perception of your brand and the experience you deliver, making detail just as important as the big picture. 


Which is why I pride myself in my ability to take all threads of your online and offline marketing to question and assess whether it's authentically and creatively connecting back to your brand. By doing so we will be able to gain you the brand strength, clarity and creativity to move forward. 

Why do I love my work? Because I'm incredibly passionate about seeing good brands and great ideas make a positive impact in the world. Ideas that spark emotion, conversation, and welcomed change. All starting with your business. 

Want to nosy a bit more about who I am?

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'Common keep it professional.'

Fine... 'the areas of service' 


My 1:1 brainstorming sessions are ideal for people looking for a fresh perspective and unique ideas. From naming products, crafting workshops, new content, creativity can set you apart from the rest. Find a fantastic idea or 10 with a one-off session or my quarterly fresh thinking sessions to keep you striding forward.


If you've ever wondered 'are my efforts doing my business any good' or 'is there something more I could be doing' then this is for you. My analysis is a deep dive into your brand and existing marketing efforts to explore what you're doing well, what you could be doing better and what ideas and improvements you need to implement to facilitate the vision you desire.


Having a creative brain on board who understands you, your brand and the innovative steps you need to take can bring about positive change and growth for your business. Whether you need me for a one off session,  five training sessions or on your team for the next 3-6 months, there is a tailored 1:1 supportive and creative adventure here for you here. Find out more by reaching out. 



Perhaps you've come here looking for assistance on a particular project or problem and none of these packages fit. No worries, reach out to me and I'll happily put together a tailored package. This could be anything from building a new brand, running a workshop in your company or reviewing and revamping the copy on your website. There are many a way we can work together so drop me a message.

Are you ready to take....

Creative Strides?


"Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way." 
Edward de Bono

Chloe provided us with a social media comb-through for our brand at a time when we felt things were beginning to stagnate and we needed some fresh ideas. Not only did she provide these but she combed out the things which were thought were working and gave them a new injection of life. Overall it has given us a new enthusiasm for the brand.

Kate and Anne, Bookish Cambridge (Social Media Comb Through Report)



I would highly recommend working with Chloe to anyone wanting their brand to go away from "the usual corporate messaging". I needed my brand to translate fun, play, professionalism and connection with people. Here, I had been struggling to bring together the different concepts and ideas that formed my brand. Everything felt a bit disjointed. For a while, I struggled to explain this to people and other marketers...until Chloe showed up. Chloe has a keen eye for details, unlike many other people. 

Naily Makangu, Athena Leaders

(Brand Clarity & Creative Consultancy)


For Bumble & Oak, Chloe went above and beyond. She is a collaborative visionary because somehow she unveiled my own vission before me. Without your creative guidance, input, editing, content suggestions and inspirations, the bumble box would not have been launched. Your input was truly invaluable and I really felt guided, listened to and supported.

Riadh Falvo, Bumble and Oak

(Creative Marketing & Brainstorming)