About The Creative Strides

Innovation frustration, it exists and it can be helped!

When ideas are popping out of my head like cauliflower, it's about time I share some of that energy with you guys instead.


So, what does it mean to take creative strides?


Taking creative strides means taking pledging to take your business and self to new creative heights. It's putting a step ahead of the rest by embracing new and original ideas to positively grow your company. It's delivering a customer experience that exceeds expectations and succeeds in building meaningful connections. Through great content and original ideas successful results can be achieved.

Who works with the Creative Strides

We've had a mix of clients through our doors! From brands wanting to move away from their corporate messaging, brainstorm new ideas for products, jazz up their instagram feeds and freshen up their website copy, they've all shared in the same mission, to have their vision be seen and heard the way they imagined. It's here where I swoop in to make this possible, offering marketing solutions and encouraging big-business-thinking.

So, who's Chloe Ambrose?

A Cambridge-born bubbly nugget never short of ideas.  She studied script-writing and television at the University of Lincoln, and has always had a love for the arts.


Chloe has always loved being behind a camera, and in front, where she started by creating promotional videos for companies alongside her studies.

Her motivations lie within self-development, particularly after she invested what little student money she had left in busting her negative thinking habits. Here, she chose to start taking  self-led strides by putting her needs and passions before anyone elses.

Over the last five years Chloe has worked within social media, managing the social accounts for international and premium brands within education, technology, agriculture,  and more, for medium to large B2B and B2C audiences in London and Cambridge. 

Now, by offering her skillset as a marketing consultant and content creator, she's determined to coach companies and business owners to take more creative strides.

Cuppa tea scheduler ☕