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Here's what Naily from Athena Leaders had to say!


'I had been struggling to bring together the different concepts and ideas that form my brand. Everything felt a bit disjointed. In our introductory consultation calls, it was clear that Chloe did a lot of research to bring things together. She had a vision of what things could look like. We explored the brand in more details. Chloe encouraged me to embrace more my own tag line even on my website. I talk about play and fun - why not be The Mary Poppins of Business! I since have been introducing myself this way. It's going down really well.'

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Drop me a message for your personalised creative marketing solution. From training, facilitating brainstorming sessions and analysing your team's marketing efforts, I would be more than happy to help.


What is it?

The Brand Report picks at your branding efforts, assessing the very core of who you are, how you communicate that and whether there are any holes that could sink your businesses in the digital and physical space. These brand snags will likely be holding your business back from growth. This report is for businesses that are lacking in brand clarity, brand strength and customer connections. This could be performed at the beginning of a business' journey or further along the line for those  needing to revamp their positioning or boost their online and offline efforts.

All packages include;

- 2 Hour Brand Exploration 1:1 Session
- Brand Exploration Notes & Findings 

- Customer and Market Research

- The Brand Comb Through Report

- A 1:1 reflection and planning hour

- A 5 Page Brand Blueprint of your Business
- A 1 hour delivery session

You will come away with;

  • Brand confidence and clarity

  • Solutions to your brand snags and problems

  • Ideas to communicate your brand more creatively online & offline.

  • A Full Report that you will be able to use to implement the above learnings 

  • Exclusive 1:1 advice from Creative Consultant

Price varies according to online and offline analysis and starts at the shown price. This is an intense session and report so be ready to find brand snags and strengthen the threads that make up your business.

If you are looking for a tailored package surrounding the knit-picking and bettering of your brand then please reach out for a 1:1 discussion call.

From £1400

What is it?

The report* separates what is working well and what could be working better with your online and offline marketing, bringing you new ideas and a fresh perspective. We look at how you are communicating your brand via your content, copy, creativity, community management, and the customer experience, to assess how we can get your company taking more creative strides ahead of the rest.

All packages include;

- Brand exploration 1:1 session 

- Analysis of ALL Social Media accounts

- The Creative Social Comb Through Report 

- A 2 hour 1:1 to go through the report and to discuss any other creative concerns you may have.

- Creative Consultancy Check-ins as you apply your new approaches and ideas

If you are hoping for your website and offline brand experience to be brought into the overall analysis then this will fluctuate the price.

You will come away with;

  • A fresh direction and new ideas for the business

  • Exclusive 1:1 Creative Consultant advice

  • A full PDF documenting every component your team can creatively and strategically improve your digital marketing presence.

*The report is more than a social media analysis report. It it a creative analysis that questions what your brand stands for, how it could be communicated with a creative strength like no other (online) and what fresh ideas you can apply to gain your business the success and attention it deserves. These ideas will be made in conjunction to your brand, your vision and what is innovatively possible for your team to create.

From £860

What is it?

A brainstorm!? It's one of the most exciting things you can do. I love a brainstorm and both my two packages come with pre-prep time (meaning I brainstorm before we brainstorm so thats TWO brainstorms). These brainstorms are for those needing new ideas for products, content, their brand, anything, including the naming of things such as events, blogs and campaigns.

Brainstorm (Small Ideas)

  • Brainstorm Briefing 

  • Pre-brainstorm preparation

  • 1 hour live brainstorming session

  • PDF of findings and ideas

Brainstorm (Big Ideas)

  • Brainstorm Briefing 

  • Customer & Brand Research

  • Pre-brainstorming 

  • 1.5 Hour Live Brainstorm Session

  • Recording of Session

  • PDF of notes & ideas

  • Creative Consultancy Check-ins

Why you need this;

  • The same ideas are no longer working and its becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in your market.

  • You want a creative consultants second opinion and fresh perspective.

  • You're on the look our for the next best campaign concept, product idea, business name etc and need a creative onboard at less than the creative agency price.

Small Ideas: New content ideas, service adventures, product offers, workshop names, and more.


Big Ideas: Marketing Campaigns, new business naming and building, brand revamping, website ideas, promotional video concepts




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