How to start building your personal brand. My personal take on it.

Building my personal brand started from a place of wanting to educate others on the world that existed beyond overthinking.

Coming from a place of anxiety myself I knew what it felt like to put myself down and limit my true potential. When I therefore found a new way of living, thanks to a programme that taught me how to mentally and physically thrive in life, I made it my mission to share these new skills.

At first, my Instagram was a place to pep talk myself. I treated it like my own personal diary often targeting the posts at the girl I was before I busted my negative habits. It was then a bonus that people started reaching out saying that I was helping them too.

You could say that my personal brand started to evolve the moment I chose to discover who I was underneath the noise, underneath the anxiety. By giving her space to grow in the light I was able to mould my personal brand into a business.

So, what I would say is start by finding out who exactly you are. Learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. Ask yourself what limiting beliefs you have about yourself and about life. On the other hand, perhaps you don't suffer from anxiety, so you may want to skip straight to reflecting your personal brand online below.

Next, I had to learn how to embrace who I was which, to my pleasure, involved shopping.

I had always had a love for quirky items and colours but the fear of other peoples thoughts often held me back. Venturing into Zara I picked up items that caught my eye and slipped them on in the changing rooms. The thoughts begun to loom.... 'this is very bright, you're going to stick out in the crowd and people are going to look. This looks like a dolls dress. It doesn't suit you' - the only difference was, I learnt to listen but not take them on board. I also learnt how to combat these with more useful thoughts like 'You're right, this dress is bright yellow and thats what drew me to it to begin with' *swooshing in the dress* 'I don't mind that it's nothing like I've not worn before because it's in the shop which means someones got to buy it, wear it, love it, look great in it and why cant that be me?' I respond back. And the voice got quieter over time.

The amount of times I then wore this dress out and about was incredible. It became my new favourite piece, not just because of its loveliness but because of the successful mental battle it reminded me of.

By exploring who I was and who I wanted to evolve into via clothes I was able to visually interpret and reflect my personal brand online. So, once you've learnt to understand who you are and how you work, it'll be easier to select which parts you would like to nurture, grow and showcase to the world.

And that's how I started building my personal brand. I hope this was insightful! Comment your questions below.


Positively Chloe

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