Picking Your Brand Colours!

Updated: Apr 1

Where to start when picking your brand colour palette? 🎨

Piecing together the visual elements of your brand can be very exciting. When my business cards arrived, for example, I was so happy to be leading with a colour that stood for individuality, creativity and was also a rather prominent colour in my life too! ORANGE.

Anyway, onto the steps!

Step 1: By observing your content with an eager eye you may come across a pattern of colours that you’ve naturally been drawn to but been unaware of until mow. Why not consider building out these colours into your brand guidelines? Pair them together side by side to see how they look. Choose which is the primary colour and which are the secondary colours.

Step 2: You have a couple in mind. Now is the time for some research into what brands are already using these colours and how. If your colours match a prominent brand, see how you can use it differently to ensure people think of your brand as supposed to a larger brand already in the market.

Step 3: Psychologically, what do these colours provoke in someone’s head? Red being danger, passion, love for instance. Are these connotations in line with you and your brand? For example Holland and Barrett is a healthy food shop and their colour is green. Green is the colour of nature, energy, health pairing the two nicely, cleverly together.

Step 4: Experiment with these colours by creating a mood board. Remember to note down the exact format of orange, yellow, etc you’ve chosen so that this colour remains consistent when using it.

Step 5: OWN these colours by using them in marvellous ways across your content!

Thank you for reading! If you found this useful let me know below!

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