Ready, set, film! My tips on getting started with Video Marketing.

Updated: May 13, 2020

Video! We love video! And the stats all say we do too. So, then, how do we get you on the video bandwagon if you've not reeeally used it for your business so far? Well, there's no time like the present and, with video known to drive more engagement on social media, strengthen your overall online presence and brand, it is certainly one tool you shouldn't overlook using.

So, here is how we get you started...

Work video marketing into your brand guidelines

Ask yourself how you see your video content fitting in with your existing brand guidelines. This is because it's important to reflect your existing marketing within your video to ensure consistency in your online and offline content. It should, therefore, embody everything your brand already stands for but in video format. So, consider the tone, colour, pace, style of the video and work out how you can harness this new tool to emphasise your same message. It is also then handy to have these guidelines to assist freelancers or staff to replicate the same look and feel you've decided on.

Research into what is already out there

Your competitors could be ahead of the game when it comes to video marketing, and that’s ok as you can use this as an opportunity to evaluate the success of their work. For instance, when conducting your research ask what did and didn't work for them by checking out the engagements and view count. Learning from other peoples successes and mistakes is a safe approach to working out what could work with your own video. By doing this you may also be able to come up with a BETTER idea to compete for your audiences attention.

However, if you're one of the first to pick up a camera to market your type of business then look into general video content out there. This could be interview clips, event coverage, product launches etc of alternative brands. Here, you can question whether you like the pace, tone, style and build a vision for your own.

Hold a brainstorm

My favourite thing in the whole world... brainstorms! An excellent chance to get staff, friends, family involved to see how they would interpret your brand through video. Video content can also help support your various teams to perform their job better, whether that's HR, Marketing, sales, so get them involved in the new direction for the company.

Set realistic and consistent video goals

Depending on what format your video will be in will determine how much time and effort will be required to put it all together. So, with this in mind, it’s useful to set realistic video goals. From one video a month to two live streams a month you’ll need to note how resourced you are when it comes to creating these. Can you create these on a regular basis for example? If your new content goes down well... you may find your audience are left with wanting more so will you be able to keep up?

Simple… just start.

Pick a date and decide when your company is going to start using video. Then, put in a plan and create a backlog of video material to roll out over the next few weeks or months. I'd also recommend not over-complicating, experimenting and just getting started. Video, for instance, does not need to be shot with a large crew and fancy equipment. It will cost you less and will help you get started quicker by using IPhones, low-cost DSLR's or freelancers who can offer story-boarding, shooting, editing, project managing all in one to get you going (I wonder who offers that!)

That's all from me! I would love to hear what you thought below and if you are in any need of video assistance then check out my showreel below and drop me a hello.

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