What is a Creative Marketing Consultant? And, do I need one?

Updated: Apr 1

Put them together and what have you got! A Creative, and Marketing, Consultant ✨

Just like that I put together the creative job I’ve always dreamed of. A role that brings new ideas and new ways of creative thinking to brands wanting to push boundaries and spark change. But, maybe, you’re still unsure what it is I do. Let’s break that down for you.

So, what is a Creative Marketing Consultant?

A Creative Marketing Consultant (CMC) is someone you can turn to when seeking marketing advice and innovative change to fulfil a vision or achieve positive growth for your business.

Equipped in a variety of skills, a CMC can help snap new photography and videography content, write social media posts, run marketing campaigns, and analyse the strength of your current digital marketing efforts in a 1:1 session. Their primary role, however, is to offer creative marketing solutions to help you fulfil your desired vision in the best (and most innovative) way possible. Sometimes even helping you to work out what exactly that vision is.

As you may guess, Creative Marketing Consultants are visionaries. Paying close attention to all kinds of online and offline marketing in their day to day life, they have a great understanding of what works well and what doesn't in the media, often pushing stories, empathy and stand-out content ideas. This type of thinking ensures your marketing will always connect and resonate with people securing more customers and followers in the long run.

Never short of ideas they are also great at brainstorming, which means having round the clock access to someone with an endless capacity for innovation. Naturally, Creative people also come with high energy and enthusiasm. Here, they often put in a lot of work behind the scenes looking into stats, competitors and creative ideas both at their desk and in the shower! You can't switch them off making them a great addition to your business.

To add, working with a CMC may involve bringing other skilled people on board too. By collaborating with others the CMC will often pose as the project manager, working together with the business and team to see the project through to completion. For example, if you are seeking a website re-design, a promotional video, or a campaign, a Creative Marketing Consultant may need more hands on deck.

Reasons why you should get a Creative Marketing Consultant on board:

  • You seek positive change and growth for your company.

  • You like doing your own marketing but wish for advice on what you could do better.

  • You want someone who can help you with things across the board (videography, photography, copywriting, social media, branding) at a one-man-band price.

  • You have a one-off project that you need help managing and successfully completing, such as a campaign, giveaway, or influencer marketing plans.

  • You seek training on a variety of things.

  • You would love for someone to motivate and support you and your business' journey.

But don't just take my word for it! A recent client of mine said:

Anyway, I think it's time for tea! ☕ Thank you for reading and if you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me at

Speak soon!

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