Where to find time when you don't think you have any!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

It’s all a matter of belief when it comes to finding time. For instance, the more you tell yourself you don't have time the less likely you are to find it. Me, for instance, I reeeally needed to magic up some more and when I realised I could harness my bodies information inputs in clever ways I found plenty. Here is where I find it!

1.     When driving to and from work I….

Switch off the radio and pop on a podcast! My commute to work is an hour a day which I often use to listen to the radio. Now, I stick on the #CreativeRebels podcast and learn something along the way. OR, I might plan my blog ideas by speaking into a one button mini-recorder that I invested in. That way, if I get any ideas on my way home for blogs or videos, I can easily store the ideas away instead of trying to remember it all by the time I get home.

2.     When cooking I…

Join a webinar! On two occasions I've joined a webinar whilst I was baking for the work bake-off. Ahead of the call I warned the participants that I may be whisking away (if un-muted) or have buttery fingers but I was very much there and able to contribute when I could, and I did.

3.     When cleaning the house I…

Take a call! And you can do that by plugging your phone into a set of headphones making you completely hands free to work your way around the house whilst nattering.

4.     When occupied on the loo I…

Scroll through the Linkedin feed! Sorry about this one but if you’re struggling for time then those 5/10 minutes you use to 'do your thing' could potentially be utilised to engage with your community... likewise if you are in the shower then why not put on an audio book.

And there you have it...time CAN be found if you look harder, learn to multi-task and embrace even slightly unhygienic moments. Sorry again about that last one.

Thanks for reading!

Positively Chloe

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