A 1:1 Creative Consultancy session tailored to you and your company to analyse your existing marketing, success and to brainstorm your next creative steps OR as a one off brainstorming/ training session at half the below price.

You will receive;

  • A pre-meeting creative analysis of your accounts

  • An hour together to reflect and plan (in person or online)

  • A PDF documenting the sessions' findings and your 15 ways to positively grow and strengthen your account.

A series of five 1:1 consultancy sessions to help improve your marketing. Choose from a variety of topics including growing your followers, writing successful social media posts, creating unforgettable  customer experiences and more.

You will receive;

  • Five 1:1 sessions across a series of either 5 to 10 weeks.

  • Documentation of the sessions' notes, findings and next steps.

  • Online Creative Support to implement the above.

Bring me on board as your Creative Marketing Consultant to support you and your company through its creative growth. I offer services in the following areas*.

I can support you with;

  • Campaign Creation & Management

  • Social Media Management

  • Follower Growth

  • Brand Development/ Revamp

  • Videography/Photography

  • Content Marketing & Ideas

  • Copywriting

*3 Month Minimum Contract. Prices may vary according to pick and mix selection.



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