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'Chloe provided us with a social media comb-through for our brand at a time when we felt things were beginning to stagnate and we needed some fresh ideas. Not only did she provide these but she combed out the things which were thought were working and gave them a new injection of life. Overall it has given us a new enthusiasm for the brand.'



What is it?

Imagine having someone onboard who can strategically and creatively advice you according to your brand. Someone who understands where you are now and where you want to take your business. This support is a Freelance Creative, Coach and Consultant all in one. Use up your creative credit time in whichever way you wish each month (an hour on copywriting, content creation, social media reporting etc) I can do it for you or advise appropriately.

All packages include;

- Introductory 1:1 Brand Exploration Session

- 4 'Creative Credits' a month

- A 1:1 topic/ training discussion session

- Creative advice over contract duration

*Packages start at £299 for 4 creative credits (hours) a month. More credits can be added.  Minimum contracts are 3 months.

You will come away with;

  • Innovative tailored advice to you and your brand each month

  • Creative Confidence & Support

  • New knowledge dependant on your chosen training session each month.

Your creative credits can be used for;

  • Copywriting support

  • Content Creation support

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Community Management

  • Follower Growth

  • Photography & Videography

  • Ideas & Brainstorming

  • 1:1 time with Chloe

From* £299 a month

What is it?

This one off 1:1 session is an opportunity for you gain quick and easy-to-apply solutions to your current problems. Together we will review what's holding you back and how you can move forward with some new ideas. The 1:1's are also a much quicker way of accessing my expertise.

The 1:1's include;

  • My Pre-meeting Preparation & Analysis 

  • A 1 hour Virtual Meeting

  • A PDF of notes and ideas

  • 20% off your next 1:1 consultancy session

Frequently discussed;

- A lack in product sales

- Traffic to the website 

- Standing out amongst the competition

- Growing your current community

- Content Advice 
- Brand Awareness 
OR you may want a second opinion/ a fresh perspective on your current brand

Your 1:1 Session for £120

What is it?

The report* separates what is working well and what could be working better with your online and offline marketing, bringing you new ideas and a fresh perspective. We look at how you are communicating your brand via your content, copy, creativity, the customer experience and more to assess how we can get you closer to achieving your goals and taking more creative strides.

All packages include;

- Brand exploration homework

- Analysis of your social media account/s

- The Creative Social Comb Through Report 
(a designed PDF you can use to evolve your social media over the next few months with a minimum of 20 new ideas and practises for each social profile

- A 1 hour 1:1 to go through the report & questions. Bring any other questions you have along

- Creative check-ins on progress

You will come away with;

  • New ideas you can apply now and in future

  • Exclusive 1:1 Creative Consultant advice

  • New Digital Marketing knowledge and Social Media Confidence

Price varies according to how many platforms you are looking to have analysed. Starting from 2 social media platforms at £250

*The report is more than a social media analysis report. It it a creative analysis that questions what your brand stands for, how it could be communicated with a creative strength like no other and what fresh ideas you can apply to gain your business the success and attention it deservces.

From £250

What is it?

A brainstorm!? It's one of the most exciting things you can do. I love a brainstorm and both my two packages come with pre-prep time (meaning I brainstorm before we brainstorm so thats TWO brainstorms). These brainstorms are for those needing new ideas for products, content, their brand, anything, including the naming of things such as events, blogs and campaigns.


  • Brainstorm Briefing Chat 

  • Pre-brainstorm preparation

  • 1 hour live brainstorming session

  • PDF of findings and ideas

  • Virtual support implementing new ideas 

Why you need this;

  • The same ideas are no longer working and its becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in your market.

  • You want a creative consultants second opinion and fresh perspective.

Small Ideas: New content ideas, service adventures, product offers, workshop names, and more.




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